Credo Coffee

10134 - 104th Street
Enter Credo and you are greeted by a sky-high wall of windows, striking artwork, the bustle of multiple baristas working behind the counter in a perfectly choreographed dance, and the scent of freshly ground coffee beans. Credo is one of a scant few Edmonton coffee shops that brews Intelligentsia beans. This direct trade coffee follows a strict philosophy of environmentally friendly growing practices, fair prices for farmers, and exceptional quality of taste and aroma.

The quality of the beans – as one would expect – carries through to each cup of coffee brewed at Credo. Espresso is dark, devious and, for those used to weaker brews, will make one’s teeth rattle. Drip coffee is brewed one cup at a time using cones and filters; that way, coffee is never sitting around and each cup receives individual attention. Cappuccinos, I daresay, are the best in the city. The elaborate art in the milk froth is worth the price alone. The milk froth itself is remarkable in that one receives a bit of it in every sip. Typically, milk foam in a cappuccino ends up on the bottom of the cup. However, Credo owner Geoff Linden and his staff developed a new milk-foaming technique that miraculously avoids the cup-bottom issue. I’ve no clue how they do it, but it is quite amazing.

Credo, on multiple levels, epitomizes the downtown coffee shop. The d├ęcor is creative yet unobtrusive. A diverse cross-section of humanity pours through its premises each day. The shop itself occupies an up and coming downtown street, namely, 104th street. Its philosophy – that of quality and sustainability – encompasses all that Edmonton’s downtown should and must strive to be.

-LS Vors

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