Getting Your "Just Desserts"

Edmonton can satisty your sweet tooth
Dessert is far more than a sugar-laden afterthought. A good dessert is an entity unto itself that contrasts and compliments – but never contradicts – the preceding main course. It’s difficult to maintain brevity in this list, but here are three of my favourite YEG desserts.

Salted Caramel Brownie at Niche (11011 Jasper Ave.) – This rectangle of decadence sets the bar for brownies in Edmonton. It’s dark, dense and richly nuanced with cocoa. An auburn puddle of salted caramel sauce provides a sticky-salty kiss for each bite of brownie. A judicious dollop of citrus-infused whipped cream adds additional complexity that at first seems counterintuitive but emerges as thoroughly complimentary. Enjoy it with a cup of French press coffee.

Lemon Curd Tart at Bistro La Persaud (8627 91 St.) – This sunny-hued creation deftly treads the frontier that separates sweet and tart. Here, a lively burst of citrus is topped by a tiny cloud of crème fraiche that provides the merest counterpoint of smooth dairy. A crisp tuille adds ups the aesthetic ante. Bistro La Persaud’s eclectic décor and unusual location (i.e., down the stairs in Edmonton’s French Quarter) amplifies the lemon tart experience from the excellent to the sublime.

Bread Pudding at Louisiana Purchase (10320 111 St. NW) – I am easily swayed by the promise of succulent raisins and rum sauce; these heady ingredients are that much tastier when snugly cradled in hot and sticky bread pudding. The bread pudding at Louisiana Purchase is an instant taste trip on a paddle-wheeler down the Mississippi, replete with jazz bands and Mardi Gras costumes. The tender French bread luxuriates in a rich, buttery rum sauce and each raisin is a miniature explosion of rich flavour. C’est bon!

-LS Vors

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