Cinnamon Buns in the City

Cinnamon buns are the culinary analogue to a warm hug. A good cinnamon bun combines soft, tender dough, sticky caramel sauce, and vivacious, zesty spice. It’s part Spice Road and part Grandma’s Kitchen. Numerous cinnamon bun sources exist in Edmonton; here are three of the best (listed in no particular order).

Wild Earth Bakery (8902 99 St NW)

The recent closure of Scona Road complicates access to this Mill Creek staple but, if one is willing to accept the challenge of navigating side streets and construction zones, rewards the guise of cinnamon and sugar are ample. Wild Earth Bakery dishes up some dandy buns that are based on the owner’s grandmother’s recipe. Whole wheat options are available as well. Practically health food, right? One can grab a choice spot near the fireplace or find a perch near the window and watch life’s passing parade. Either way, Wild Earth’s cinnamon buns counteract any traffic-based irritation – or any of life’s little irritations for that matter.

Café Haven (9 Sioux Rd, Sherwood Park)

It’s worth a drive to Sherwood Park to nosh on Café Haven’s gargantuan cinnamon buns. These auburn beauties are so sizeable as to require a knife and fork. Seriously, a breakfast of these voluptuous buns will see you through to at least mid- afternoon. They are best enjoyed with a cup of Stumptown coffee, which is imported from Seattle. To the best of my knowledge, this dark and divine roast is unavailable
elsewhere in the Capital Region.

Hazeldean Bakery (9627 66 Ave NW)

This tiny bakery is hidden in a Hazeldean strip mall and, unless you possess an
overt purpose to visit said neighbourhood, you are unlikely to stumble upon these
cinnfully sticky buns by accident. Hazeldean Bakery’s cinnamon buns are available by
the dozen, and each bun is both cutely asymmetrical and thoroughly infused with butter
and brown sugar. The result is a comforting and sneakily decadent morsel best enjoyed
warm. Or right out of the bag in your car as you ignore perplexed looks from passers-by.
Your choice.

-LS Vors

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